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As a Freight Forwarders, we understand first hand the lack of cargo insurance coverage being provided by vessel and carriers and the need for full value based cargo insurance to protect your shipment. That's why, we established our very own cargo insurance division and are offering primary cargo insurance coverage based on the actual full replacement value of your goods, not based on their weight (ie: 0.50 cents per lb.) 
We want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your shipment is properly protected by a top rated cargo insurer with the broadest coverage options, highest financial ratings, and claims payment stability. We are proud to offer you Primary Cargo Insurance from "A" rated insurers, who specialize in this unique type of cargo insurance.

We provide "Primary" Cargo Insurance Coverage for all types of shipments worldwide, not the limited "Contingent" cargo insurance offered by carriers;
Did you know that when you move your goods by Air, Ocean or Land with any shipping carrier and damage or loss occurs, the "contingent" cargo insurance they offer Angelo World Express Courier pay you only: 
● $0.05 per pound, for goods shipped by Land, 
● A Total of $500, for goods shipped by Ocean and 
● Up to $20 per kilogram, for goods shipped by Air. 
That's not much and by law that's all they are required to pay you, because contingent cargo insurance is entirely dependent upon the carriers legal liability and their terms and conditions (tariffs). 

You can purchase a higher value cargo insurance coverage with some carriers, but at very high rates and the coverage is still limited by their liability and tariffs and based on the item weight. They do not cover high risk items such as: Household goods, fragile goods, artwork, electronics, jewelry or high valued items.

With cargo insurance, you risk being paid very little for your loss. Wouldn't you rather be fully protected?

Here's where we can help:
Primary cargo insurance repays you for Actual losses. You can get coverage for the actual full dollar value of your shipment, not based on the weight. You can insure: Almost all items, even high risk, shipping to or from any country (except Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or Cuba), with any carrier, by all modes of transport: Land, Ocean and Air. 

And, unlike contingent coverage, it's primary in the event of a loss. This means, it's your main coverage and comes first regardless of the carriers liability or their terms and conditions. You can get peace of mind and not worry about your shipments with primary cargo insurance.

Why Insure with Us?
Here's 12 reasons & the benefits you'll receive; You can get cargo insurance coverage for...

1. Almost any item, even high risk commodities 
All types of goods, used or new, even high risk items such as household goods, fine arts, fragile goods and jewelry. 

2. Any destination: Domestic & International 
You can get cargo insurance coverage to and from any place in the world, including Mexico and Iraq. 

3. All Modes of transport: Ocean, Air & Land 
It doesn't matter if your shipment is moving by boat, plane, truck or train. You can get coverage for any transit including shipments with multiple modes of transport. 

4. Any dollar Amount - No minimum or maximum coverage limits 
Get cargo insurance coverage for any value from small $100 packages to $1,000,000 dollar shipments. 

5. Save up to 90% compared to Carrier Insurance and up to 50% over traditional primary cargo insurance with our low rates direct from the underwriter.
Because we are a freight logistics company specializing in cargo shipments, we have access to lower rates direct from the underwriter; unlike insurance brokers who have to go through multiple brokers in order to offer this special type of freight coverage. Eliminate the middle man and get lower rates direct from us. 

6. Your cargo Insurance coverage is provided by one of the best and most well know "A" rated insurers in the world.
They are synonymous with high quality, reliability and trust. We are proud to offer you the high quality security of A+ rated underwriters. 

7. Your cargo insurance coverage arranged Angelo World Express Courier be 
Primary not Contingent. Primary coverage comes first in the event of a loss, regardless of the carriers liability or their terms and conditions and you can protect your shipment for it's actual Full declared value instead of being restricted to 0.50 per pound, as with contingent carrier coverage. 

8. You get your own cargo insurance policy 
You Angelo World Express Courier receive your own cargo insurance policy/certificate with the loss payable made out direct to you or whomever you choose, unlike coverage from freight carriers in which they cover you under their own blanket policy that covers everyone's shipment and funds are paid to them. With us, you get your own policy direct from the insurer and claims are paid directly to you. 

9. No Hassle fast and easy claims processing 
The greatest benefit of being covered by a leading A rated insurer is that you can rest assured that they can pay for your loss and Angelo World Express Courier handle claims properly. Our A rated insurers have an outstanding financial strength rating and claims payment stability. Claims are handled directly by the insurer, no middle third party. We help expedite the process with direct submission to the insurer and the ability for you to communicate directly with your dedicated claims handler by phone and email to ensure your claim is settled quickly and easily. Our insurers strive to achieve the best possible results with fair and expeditious claims processing while providing the highest level of service. 

You Can Save Time with:

10. No paperwork 
No registration or long application forms to fill out or approval process in order to use our services. No membership fee's either. Anyone can get started right away and get a quote or buy a cargo insurance policy immediately. 

11. Immediate coverage
Simply fill out our easy online order form and your cargo insurance policy Angelo World Express Courier be issued immediately on the spot and emailed to you or generated automatically for you to print right from your browser when using our automated login system. 

12. Our Friendly Customer Service 
Exceptional customer service is our goal and our friendly insurance experts practice it every day. We are always here to answer your questions and help assist you with your cargo insurance needs. Please feel free to call or email us any time.
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